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Site Statistics



March 2004

I don't update this page very often, but here are some statistics about my website from March of 2004.  My website averages about 3,000 page visits a day, putting it in about the top 1% of all websites worldwide.  While I'd like to attribute that to my talents as a writer, the truth is, if anyone dumps 4,000 photos into a website and then writes 400 pages of gibberish like I have, they'll get a lot of traffic too. 


Here are the stats for March:

Total Hits 1,732,330
Total Files 1,545,833
Total Pages 91,333
Total Visits 57,295
Pages per Visit 1.56
Total KBytes 15,713,312
. Avg. Max.
Hits per Hour 2,328 6,370
Hits per Day 55,881 72,333
Files per Day 49,897 63,879
Pages per Day 2,946 3,603
Visits per Day 1,848 2,260
KBytes per Day 506,881 661,812



Hit:  Any file on a page that's requested by a visitor.  This includes .jpg and .gif images.  Because most of my pages have several files, such as .jpg photos and .gif logos, a single page request can result in 10 or 15 hits.


File:  Files actually served to the visitor.  Several people have links to my website in their websites.  However, some of these links are no longer valid since I recently renamed some of my files and folders.  Therefore, if a visitor clicks on that link, they'll get an error message saying "File Not Found."  That "click" will generate "hits" but no "files."


Page:  You're looking at a single page.  If you click on any link that's on this page, such as "Home," "Latest News," or if you click on your browser's "Refresh" button, this number increases by one.


Visit:  A person who visits my website.  If you leave my website and re-enter it, that's counted as two visits.


Pages per Visit:  The average visitor reads about three pages before leaving.  Of course, some folks just read one page before deciding not to waste any more time here.  On the other hand, I've gotten several e-mails from folks who've told me they stumbled on my website and spent several hours reading through it.  Obviously, these people need to get a life.



Most popular pages

There are over 400 pages in my website.  Here are the 20 most-heavily visited pages in March 2004.  This list varies dramatically from month to month, largely depending on how search engines index my pages.



How Do People Find My Website?

As you probably know, most major search engines, like Google or Yahoo, let you search for images (i.e., photos or .gif files) as well as for text.  In fact, most people find my website by searching for images, not text.  These are the top 5 referrers.

  1. Google (images)

  2. Yahoo (images)

  3. Yahoo (text)

  4. Altavista (images)

  5. Google (text)


Most Popular Search Strings

During March of 2004, visitors used 1,417 search strings to find my website.  Here are the 10 most popular search strings.

  1. banjo patterson  <Author of "Waltzing Matilda">

  2. waltons mountain

  3. hungry jacks  <The Australian version of "Burger King">

  4. harriet tubman

  5. humorous photos 

  6. plane ticket

  7. arutanga  <The capital city of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands>

  8. waltons mountain virginia

  9. empty highway

  10. louisa may alcott