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June 2, 2001 (Bellingham, Washington) < Previous News  |  Next News >


After spending the last two months in Hillsboro, Oregon, getting ready for my trip, I finally moved out of my apartment.  During the past couple of months, I've been pretty overwhelmed -- and surprised -- by how much I've had to prepare for this trip, including things such as:  

  • Fixing my truck ($1,200 for a transmission overhaul in April and $1,400 for a new differential last week).  The guys at the shop smile a lot now whenever then see me pull in.

  • Putting my entire collection of music CDs onto MP3 discs.  

  • Buying a laptop computer and making CD backups to take along.

  • Getting my finances set up so I can pay my bills as I travel.

  • Scanning my favorite 4,000 slides to take with me on my laptop.

  • Buying a Canon D-30 digital camera and learning how to use it.  It's really an amazing camera.

  • Rolling over my 401(k), getting health insurance, and taking care of other necessities.

  • Scanning old family photos and documents to take with me. 


  • Preparing a will, just in case I get too close to a saltwater crocodile.

My original plan was to leave in early April on a 4-month drive around the U.S. before going to Australia in September, but the two months of prep work in Hillsboro means I'll be leaving in June instead of April, and that's shortened my U.S. trip.  Now it looks like I'll have only about 2 months to drive around the U.S., but that should still be enough time.  


Before I packed up my apartment in late May, I played one last round of volleyball at Portland Community College.  I've played volleyball at PCC almost every Friday night during the past 10 years (though not getting much better in the process), but it's a blast and the folks there are a lot of fun to play with. 



Above left:  Friday night volleyball at Portland Community College.  Playing volleyball is one of the things I'll miss the most during my trip.  Anyone out there ready for a pickup game?

Above center:  No, that's not me at the net.  You think I can jump that high?

Above right:  The PCC volleyball gang at Applebee's after the game.  That's me on the right (the one who looks exhausted).


During the last week of May, I started packing all of the stuff in my apartment ... and 125 boxes later, I finished.  After packing everything, I loaded the boxes and furniture into a U-Haul, drove 6 hours to Bellingham, dropped everything off at my Dad's house and drove back to Hillsboro... a 22-hour day.  I was so tired that, at 1 a.m., I had to slap myself to keep myself awake while driving back to Portland.


The last week in my Hillsboro apartment was pretty hectic... and not very nutritious, either.  Since I was trying to eat up all my food in my apartment, my dinners that week were a little odd, consisting of large quantities of pickles, refried beans, olives, cranberry sauce, and six-year old Kellogg's Corn Flakes in various combinations.  I'm now at my Dad's house in Bellingham where the meals are much better, and I plan to leave for my U.S. roadtrip in a few days.  



Above left:  Packing things up in my apartment in Hillsboro, Oregon.  

Above center:  The move took a full week... and 125 boxes.

Above right:  My refrigerator with five years of decorations.



Above left:  Moving out of my apartment in Hillsboro one morning.  And that evening...

Above center:  ... dropping my stuff off at my Dad's house in Bellingham, Washington, before driving the 6 hours back to Portland.  It was a long day.

Above right:  Dinner with good friends during my last night in Portland.  There are three engineers in this family: Left-to-right,  Lisa (traffic), Mark (train), and Carl (telecom).  Great sukiyaki, Lisa!




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