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April 19, 2001  (Bellingham, Washington)

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After spending the week at my apartment down in Portland (well, technically Hillsboro) getting ready for my trip, I drove up to Bellingham a few days ago to celebrate Easter weekend with my Dad and my sister, Doti.  As an added bonus, my older brother Don was in town, visiting from Connecticut.  


On Saturday, my Dad, Don, and I played a round of golf at the 18-hole course here.  Don was one of the best golfers in Michigan when he was in high school and, believe it or not, he even beat Johnny Miller in a high school tournament once.  Now, though, Don only plays when he comes out to Bellingham and, despite not touching a club in a long time, he usually beats those of us who've spent countless hours at the driving range.  Sure enough, Don beat us both this weekend.  


On Saturday night, Doti got a thrill as she does every Easter weekend by coloring and hiding Easter Eggs.  Holidays just wouldn't be the same in our family without Doti!




Above left:  My Dad (wearing his famous red hat) and my brother Don on the golf course.  You da man!

Above center:  Doti coloring Easter eggs.  Hey Doti, they're all the same color!

Above right:  Doti and my Dad.




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April 5, 2001  (Bellingham, Washington) 


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