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83). The Columbia River Gorge   Near Portland, Oregon (June 2010)

My niece, Christina, and her husband flew from Tucson to visit me in Portland in the summer of 2010 and one gorge-ous day I took them to the Columbia River gorge.  The gorge, about 30 miles long, is where the Columbia River cuts through the Cascade Mountains and is laced with dozens of waterfalls.  Of course, being from the deserts of Tucson, they were blown away.  This is Crown Point at the entrance to the gorge.  It's topped by the Vista House, built in the early 1900's, to showcase the gorge for tourists traveling the newly-opened Columbia Gorge Highway, which was one of the first paved highways in America and was an engineering marvel for its day.  Beacon Rock is on the left, a landmark noted in the early 1800's in the journals of Lewis & Clark, the first white men to travel through this area.