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83). Del's Beach    Doha, Qatar ( January 2016)

After living and working in Portland for seven years, I got a mapping job in the small Middle Eastern country of Qatar in 2013 and moved to Doha, the capital, where I worked and lived for the next three years.  It was an amazing experience, truly one of the best of my life.  You can probably tell that by my smile in this photo.


This is Doha's skyline.  I lived in an apartment tower off to the right and worked in another tower just a block away.  Every weekend during the cooler months, from October until April, I walked three miles down the waterfront, known as the corniche, to this little beach.  It's the only stretch of sand on Doha Bay and I called it Del's Beach (catchy name, huh?).  The weather this time of year, in January, was ideal with temperatures usually in the 70s. 


I'll never forget my incredible experience in Qatar nor the wonderful friends, from numerous countries around the world, that I made there.