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82). The 2010 Winter Olympics   Vancouver, Canada (January 2010)

I've always been a big fan of the Olympics and have always wanted to attend one in person, especially a winter Olympics.  I was disappointed not to go to the Calgary winter Olympics in 1988, but I didn't have much money then and couldn't afford it.  In 2002, I was disappointed not to attend the Salt Lake City winter Olympics but I was traveling around Australia at that time, a journey that's well-documented on this website.  So when the Olympics came to Vancouver, B.C. in 2010, I couldn't pass it up, figuring that I'd never again be as close to an Olympics.  Martin, a buddy from work, decided to join me, and we drove six hours from Portland to Vancouver and spent a day there.  I bought tickets to a curling match, speedskating, and the evening medals ceremony.  It was amazing to see what really goes on at an Olympics, and attending the winter games is a memory I'll treasure for the rest of my life.