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81). Building an Orphanage   Near San Ignacio, Belize (January 2010)

In December 2009, I made my fourth visit to Belize in two years.  This time I took a group of three folks from Portland Community College and we were joined by 18 college students from all over the U.S.  We spent the next week constructing the first building for a future orphanage, the caretaker's house.  The land was owned by Jaime and Nancy (back row, right) who had always dreamed of building an orphanage on their land.  Jaime's an engineer with the Belizean government and worked with us all week, showing us a new construction technique of using bags with compressed dirt.  Unfortunately it rained much of the week so we got "just a bit" muddy, but despite the rain and mud, we had a good time and made good progress on the orphanage.  And the kids had a blast getting dirty, as you can tell.