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77). Kelsey   San Antonio village, Belize (January 2009)

A day after Christmas in 2008, I took a group of 18 folks from Portland Community College to Belize in Central America to do volunteer service work.  After landing at the Belize City airport, we boarded a school bus bound for San Ignacio.  The bus was empty except for a young woman, who extended her hand to me and cheerfully said, "Hi, I'm Kelsey." A college student in upstate New York, Kelsey worked with us 30-to-60 somethings for the next week and fit right in.  She'd taken the previous year off to hike the Appalachian Trail and was mature beyond her years.  Towards the end of the week, she and I painted this world map on the San Antonio school, and after I took this picture, she said to me, "Del, you remind me so much of my older brother.  He's my very best friend."  Aww... shucks.  Kelsey warmed the hearts of everyone in our group, and although I may never see her again, I was glad to have known her.