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This section has more detail on some of my website topics.  


My Travels Around America

My Favorites

My 10 Favorite National Park "Hidden Jewels" 

My 10 Favorite State Parks in the U.S. 

My 20 Favorite Drives in the U.S. 


Traveling in the Northwest

Highway 101 Travel Tips 

Highway 101 Camping Tips  


Traveling in the Southwest

Utah:  Mormons and Polygamy 

Traveling Through Southern Utah 


Traveling in the Midwest

The Amazing Weather in the Midwest

The 1862 Homestead Act

North Dakota's One-Room Country Schools 

The Comanche Mystery Solved


Traveling in the South

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (Florida):  Family Photos From the 1960s


Best and Worst 

The Best and Worst Places in America

The Best and Worst of My Trip, So Far



Ace's Great Spaghetti Sauce 

My Award-Winning Three-Alarm Chili 

My Brother's French Bread Monterey



Krispy Kreme Donuts


My Travels Around America  (cont.)


My Wonderful Toyota Truck 

My Not-So-Profound Observations on America

The Most and Least Expensive Gas Stations in America 

What's "Survivor"?

Camping in the U.S. 


Special Section:  The Waltons

My Home Page on The Waltons

The Story of The Waltons

The Waltons Cast

The Waltons Episode List

The Waltons Introductions

Introduction: First Season

Introduction: Second Season

Introduction: Third Season

My Visits to Schuyler, VA (1985 & 2001)

The Rockfish Post Office Dogs

My Favorite Waltons Episodes

"The Conflict" (#51-52)

Waltons Trivia

Earl Hamner's Acting Debut (#26)

The Story of Martha Corinne (#51-52)

That Beguiling Darlene Carr (#68)

The Waltons' Screen Doors

Waltons Links and Other Info


In Memoriam

Amy (Eggertsen) Bruce