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I've sifted through several websites about The Waltons and have listed what I think are the best ones below.


Walton's Fan Clubs


Friends of the Waltons

The Friends of the Waltons is a division of the Walton's Mountain Museum.  Members get a quarterly newsletter, free admission to the museum, and a 10% discount on all purchases from the museum store or by mail-order.  Annual memberships are $15 per individual or $25 per family.  Contact:


Friends of the Waltons

The Walton's Mountain Museum

P.O. Box 124

Schuyler, VA  22969

(434) 831-2000



The Waltons International Fan Club

Started in 1992, at the dedication of the Walton's Mountain Museum, the International Fan Club publishes a quarterly newsletter and holds an annual reunion.  Dues are $20 (U.S.) per year.  Contact:


Carolyn Grinnell, President

The Waltons International Fan Club

P.O. Box 1055

Kernersville, NC  27285

(336) 993-2752



The Waltons Friendship Society

Started in England in 1990, the WFS was reorganized in 1992 by Ray Knight and Irene Porter.  The society publishes a quarterly newspaper and subscriptions are $20 (U.S.) per year.  Contact:


Irene Porter, Waltons Friendship Society

Riding Gate House, Riding Gate

Wincanton, Somerset







Goodnight, John-Boy 

(Earl Hamner & Ralph Giffin, 2002, paperback, 221 pages, $14.95)



To my knowledge (and surprise), I believe this is the only book ever written about the television series, The Waltons.  Authored by Walton's creator, Earl Hamner, the first 64 pages describe Earl Hamner's life, including his upbringing in Schuyler, the production of the film Spencer's Mountain, his career as a Los Angeles TV writer in the 1960s, the TV movie The Homecoming, and the series The Waltons.  The next 126 pages describe each of the 221 episodes of The Waltons and include occasional comments from the cast, directors, writers, and fans. The last 20 pages describe the Waltons Mountain Museum and lists resources and cast members.


It's a good book, but I wish Earl had spent more time describing his upbringing in Schuyler and his family, which interests me, and less time describing what actually happened in each episode.  I'd especially like to know how much truth there was behind each episode.  Also, there are a few typos.  Nevertheless, it's interesting and well-worth the price if you're a Waltons fan.



Table of Contents:

The Waltons

My Home Page on The Waltons

The Story of The Waltons

The Cast of The Waltons

Introductions to The Waltons

Introduction:  First Season

Introduction:  Second Season

Introduction:  Third Season

My Favorite Episodes

"The Conflict" (#51 - 52)

List of Episodes

The Waltons Trivia

Earl Hamner's Acting Debut (#26)

The Story of Martha Corinne (#51 - 52)

That Beguiling Darlene Carr (#68)

The Waltons' Screen Doors

My Visits to Schuyler, Virginia (1985 and 2001)

The Rockfish Post Office

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