The Waltons  Cast


The Walton Family

John Walton, Sr.:

Olivia Walton:

John-Boy Walton (1972-1978):

Zeb "Grandpa" Walton (1972-1978):

Esther "Grandma" Walton:

Jason Walton:

Mary Ellen Walton:

Erin Walton:

Ben Walton:

Jim-Bob Walton:

Elizabeth Walton:

John-Boy Walton (1979-1981):

Narrator / Creator / Real-life 'John-Boy':

Ralph Waite

Michael Learned

Richard Thomas

Will Geer

Ellen Corby

Jon Walmsley

Judy Norton-Taylor

Mary Beth McDonough

Eric Scott

David W. Harper

Kami Cotler

Robert Wightman

Earl Hamner, Jr.


Supporting Cast (Partial List)

Ike Godsey:

Corabeth Godsey:

Miss Mamie Baldwin:

Miss Emily Baldwin:

Rosemary Hunter Fordwick:

Reverend Matthew Fordwick:

Sheriff Ep Bridges:

Yancy Tucker:

Verdi Grant Foster:

Dr. Vance:

Marcia Woolery:

Dr. Curtis Willard:

Toni Hazelton Walton:

Cindy Brunson Walton:

Martha Corrine Walton:

G.W. Haines:

Martha Rose:

Bobby Bigelow:

Maude Gormley:

Joe Conley

Ronnie Claire Edwards

Helen Kleeb

Mary Jackson

Mariclare Costello

John Ritter

John Crawford

Robert Donner

Lynn Hamilton

Victor Izay

Tami Bula

Tom Bower

Lisa Harrison

Leslie Winston

Beulah Bondi

David Doremus

Cindy Eilbacher

Mayf Nutter

Marie Earle


Guest Stars (Partial List)

First Season (1972-73)


Ellen Geer:

David Huddleston:

Pippa Scott:

Sian Barbara Allen:

Eduard Franz:

Ned Beatty:

Sissy Spacek:


Eva Mann, "The Ceremony" #9

A.J. Covington, "The Literary Man" #11

Alvira Drummond, "The Actress" #15

Jenny Pendleton, "The Love Story" #17

Cody Nelson, "The Courtship" #18

Curtis Norton, "The Bicycle" #22

Sarah Simmonds, "The Townie" #23

Second Season (1973-74)


Dennis Dugan:

Peter Donat:

Michael McGreevey:

Paul Michael Glaser:

Noah Beery:

Ron Howard:

Victor French:

Ed Lauter:


Stuart Lee, "The Theft" #29

Oscar Cockrell, "The Prize" #32

Hobie, "The Braggart" #33

Todd Cooper, "The Air-Mail Man" #39

Mr. Harnan, "The Heritage" #43

Seth Turner, "The Gift" #44

Curtis Norton, "The Fulfillment" #46

Mr. Rudge, "The Car" #50

Third Season (1974-75)


Paul Fix:

Lawrence Dobkin:

Kathleen Quinlan:

Richard Masur:

Linda Purl:

Charles Haid:

Gerald McRaney:

Madge Sinclair:

Rance Howard:

Don Berry:

Darleen Carr:

Erin Moran:


Lucas Avery, "The Conflict" #51-52

Professor Ghote, "The First Day" #53

Selina Linville, "The Thoroughbred" #54

Tom Povich, "The System" #58

Alicia, "The Spoilers" #59

Fred, "The Marathon" #60

Tim Collins, "The Book" #61

Minnie Doze, "The Visitor" #64

Dr. McIvers, "The Birthday" #65

Deputy Sheriff, "The Birthday" #65

Sis Bradford, "The Beguiled" #68

Sally Ann Harper, "The Song" #73

Fourth Season (1975-76)


Cleavon Little:

Lee Purcell:

George Dzundza:

Abby Dalton:

Walter Brooke:

Kathleen Quinlan:


James Travis Clark, "The Fighter" #78

Bobbie Strom, "The Wingwalker"  #82

A.J. Covington, "The Abdication" #86

Stella Lewis, "The Test" #96

Mr. Johnson, "The Fledgling" #99

Selina Linville, "The Collision" #100

Fifth Season (1976-77)


Merle Haggard:

Debi Richter:

Donald Moffatt:

Linda Purl:

Jean Marsh:

Bettye Ackerman:


Red Turner, "The Comeback" #103

Darlene Jarvis, "The Ferris Wheel" #114

Mr. Morgan, "John's Crossroad" #117

Vanessa, "The Heartbroker" #121

Hillary Baldwin, "The Hiding Place" #123

Belle Becker, "The Achievement" #125

Sixth Season (1977-78)


Louise Latham:

Virginia Gregg:

Lloyd Nolan:


Aunt Kate, "The Milestone" #137

Ada Corley, "The Ordeal" #144-145

Cyrus Guthrie, "The Return" #146-147

Seventh Season (1978-79)


Jeanette Nolan:

Dean Jagger:


Sister Scholastica, "The Calling" #152

Professor Bowen, "Founder's Day" #173



Cast of The Homecoming  (1971)

John Walton:

Olivia Walton:

Grandpa Walton:

Grandma Walton:

John-Boy Walton:

Jason Walton:

Mary Ellen Walton:

Erin Walton:

Ben Walton:

Jim-Bob Walton:

Elizabeth Walton:

Sheriff Ep Bridges:

Ike Godsey:

Miss Emily Baldwin:

Miss Mamie Baldwin:

Charlie Snead:

Hawthorne Dooley:

City Lady:


Andrew Duggan

Patricia Neal

Edgar Bergen

Ellen Corby

Richard Thomas

John Walmsley

Judy Norton

Mary McDonough

Eric Scott

David Harper

Kami Cotler

David Huddleston

Woodrow Parfrey

Dorothy Stickney

Josephine Hutchinson

William Windom

Cleavon Little

Sally Chamberlin


Cast of Spencer's Mountain  (1963)


Clay Spencer:

Olivia Spencer:

Grandpa Spencer:

Grandma Spencer:

Clay-Boy Spencer:

Becky Spencer:

Preacher Goodman:

Claris Coleman:

Percy Cook:

Mother Ida:

Col. Coleman:

Mr. John:

Miss Parker:

Dr. Campbell:

Minni-Cora Cook:

College Secretary:


Henry Fonda

Maureen O'Hara

Donald Crips

Lillian Bronson

James MacArthur

Veronica Cartwright

Wally Cox

Mimsy Farmer

Dub Taylor

Hope Summers

Hayden Rorke

Ken Mayer

Virginia Gregg

Whit Bissell

Kathy Bennett

Bronwyn Fitzsimmons




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