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The Waltons' Screen Doors


One of the iconic sounds of the TV show The Waltons was of their creaky screen door opening and closing.  Actually, they had two screen doors, one in the kitchen and one at the main entrance.  Even today, when I hear the screeching sound of a screen door, I hearken back to Walton's Mountain.  Interestingly, the door didn't usually screech when people were talking.  But at least the two doors sounded a little different.


Here are two scenes from the third season.  See if you can tell the difference between the kitchen door screech and the front door screech.

The Waltons Kitchen Screen Door

In this scene from The Beguiled, Olivia is gardening and Jim-Bob runs out the door, asks his Mama where John-Boy is, then runs off after him.


Here's the Walton's kitchen screen door as it opens.  From Episode 68, The Beguiled.


Above:  Jim-Bob and his mom in the front yard.

The Waltons Front Porch Screen Door

One of my favorite episodes from the third season was The Genius.  Dennis Kort stars as Lyle Thomason, a gifted but socially immature college student.


Lyle visits Waltons Mountain one weekend to tutor John-Boy in physics, but his highly-logical attitude irritates many of the Waltons, including Mary Ellen, who sprays him with a garden hose.  Embarrassed, Lyle charges up to the house to change his clothes, stops abruptly when he meets Grandma at the door, then dashes towards the kitchen door, where he spots the Walton children practicing a play.  Rest assured, Lyle eventually overcomes his social ineptitude, stars in Erin's play, and wins the hearts of the Waltons.


Trivia questions for this episode (answers below):

1).  How does Lyle manage to irritate Ike Godsey?

2).  In Erin's play, performed for a church bazaar, she portrays which famous female heroine?

3).  Lyle reluctantly fills in for a Walton who drops out of the play at the last minute.  Who?


Here's the Walton's front porch screen door as it opens.  This is from Episode 77, The Genius




Above left:  Lyle opens the door and meets Grandma.

Above center:  He stammers for a second...

Above right:  Then hurries to the kitchen door, where he freezes when he sees the Walton kids.



1).  He calculates the poor odds of Ike's slot machine. 

2).  Joan of Arc. 

3).  It's Jason, that slacker.



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