My Privacy Policy


I enjoy writing about the people I meet, and I think those stories makes my website more interesting to read.  However, I'm also concerned about respecting the privacy of others.  As I'm sure you know, cyberspace is virtually unregulated and you can't be too careful about sharing information with others on the Internet.  Therefore, I've adopted the following privacy policy for my website:

  • I occasionally change the names of people or will refer to them only generically ("a friend," "a relative," etc.) or only by first name.  Occasionally, I also change the last names of families that I refer to.

  • If I've written a story about you or have posted your photo and you would prefer that I didn't, please contact me know and I'll remove it.

  • I don't forward any personal information about people (such as e-mail addresses) to anyone unless I know both persons.