My Thanks


This trip wouldn't have been possible without the kindness bestowed upon me by relatives and friends (old and new).   I wanted to thank the following people for their generosity. 





My dad and my sister Doti (Bellingham):

For letting me store my things at the house, for taking care of my plants, and for sending me my mail.  




Lisa and Carl (Portland):

For forwarding my mail and offering me a place to stay while in Portland.


Barbara (PB-Portland):

For keeping me updated on the latest office news.


Kathy (Lincoln City):

For offering me a 60% discount at the Eddie Bauer store.




My brother and family (San Jose):

For cooking a fabulous dinner of prime rib and smoked salmon.


Carole (Crestline):

For good company from an old friend and a chance to get caught up on things.


Troy (San Diego):

For taking a day off from work to visit with me (and for letting me beat you at golf!)




Chris (Calf Creek Falls):

For a pleasant conversation beneath the falls.


New Mexico


Toni, Dale, Hunter, and Dave (Albuquerque):

For spending a half-hour of unbillable time visiting with me.  




Ace, Joan, Julie, and Lou (Austin):

For letting a road-weary traveler rest his bones and get caught up on things, and for the great spaghetti.  And thanks to Julie for Emmylou's "Red Dirt Girl" CD.




Tommy Lee (Corinth):

For spending a full day showing a total stranger around the nearby Civil War battlefields.  I loved it!




Walter Shannon (Nashville):

For the terrific autographed karaoke CD.


The ranger at Old Stone Fort State Park (Manchester):

For telling me all about local Indian history and loading me up with brochures.


John, Curator of the Nathanael Greene Museum (Greeneville):

For giving me a tour of your wonderful museum.




Ranger Joyce at Petersburg Battlefield National Park (Petersburg):

For a stirring description of the Battle of the Crater, and for answering all of my questions.


Rhode Island


Mary, Caretaker of the Nathanael Greene House (Coventry):

For spending an hour with me, showing me around my ancestorís house.




Julie (Somerville):

For a terrific all-day tour of Boston that I'll never forget.


Justin (Cheers Bar, Boston):

For warning me about those wild Australian women.  Cheers!


Brad Parker (Concord):

For spending an hour telling me all about your hero, Thoreau.


Paula, Reference Librarian (Ipswich):

For helping me with my family research and letting me into the Archives Room.


Susan Hazen, Town Clerk (Rowley):

For copying all those documents of my ancestors for me.


Charlie, Holyoke Heritage Center (Holyoke):

For letting me into the Volleyball Hall of Fame when it was closed for the day.


New York


Don, Debbie & Sarah (Manlius):

For letting me get caught up on all my tasks, including updating my website, and for your generous hospitality. 


Dr. Jake (Syracuse):

For spending a couple hours with an old college buddy.


Marilyn and Mike (Skaneateles):

For showing me around all day and for letting me show you my pictures of "Waltons Mountain."


Deborah (The Lyons Historian):

For finding the information on my great-great-great-grandfather, Solomon Myers.


Ontario, Canada


Roy and the Mini-mart Owner (Putnam):

For telling me about the Putnam book and about the area's history.


The Town Librarian (Putnam):

For letting me borrow the Putnam book and for keeping the library open while I copied it.




The Mayville Librarian (Mayville):

For helping me find the Myers' gravesites.




Brad (Madison):

For arranging the rendezvous at the Beer Fest with the cell phones.  Same time next year.




Mark, Jayne, and their kids (Minneapolis):

For staying up until I got there, for your hospitality, and for the delicious steaks.  You've got a wonderful family!


Erma and Bethene (Cottonwood County Historical Society, Windom):

For helping me find my great-great-grandfather's farm.  I wish I could've met Clara.


Mike and Roger (Westbrook):

For telling me about my great-great-grandfather's farm and for opening up his barn for me.


South Dakota


Janet and Amber (Webster):

For helping me with my ancestral search in the Day County Courthouse.


The Nice Woman in the Laundromat (Webster):

For inviting me to your dad's farm so I could talk to a real, live farmer... sorry it didn't work out.


Other Folks in Webster, including the Town Librarian and Claire at the Museum:

Everyone was really friendly and helpful.  What a great town!


Ranger Norma (Fort Sisseton State Park):

For telling a fellow historian about your fascinating park.


"The Vinegar Man," Dr. Lawrence Diggs (Roslyn):

For an interesting hour-long discussion about Australia, digital cameras... and vinegar.


North Dakota


Bernie Swang and her Family (Bismarck):

For a great chili dinner and for letting me share stories of Anna and Nels Swang.


Susan and Greg at the North Dakota Heritage Center (Bismarck):

Two of the most helpful people I've met on this trip.  Thanks so much for helping me learn about my mom's heritage.


The Folks in Regan and Wing, including Hester Bailey, Ted Stroh, and Otto Uhde:

For helping me research my heritage and telling me stories about my mom's parents and her grandparents.


Ranger Eric at Fort Lincoln State Park (Bismarck):

For dropping by occasionally to see how things are going.


Faye in the Wells County Recorders Office (Fessenden):

For helping me find my great-grandmother Anna Swang's old house. 


The Staff at the Bismarck Public Library (Bismarck):

For letting me "plug in" and update my website.


Evelyn Welk (Strasburg):

For a wunnerful, wunnerful tour of your uncle Lawrence's homestead.


New Zealand



For letting me show you some slides of the U.S., and your tips on traveling in New Zealand




Peter and Helen Horn (Newcastle):

For your hospitality to a lone wanderer.


Also, thanks to anyone who has sent me e-mails during my trip.  I really enjoy receiving mail so please keep writing!