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      Welcome to, one of the world's first travel/photo blogs.  My name is Del Leu and I created this travel website in 2001 to describe my year-long trip around the U.S., the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia. 

      After returning home and for 15 years afterwards, I continued posting stories here to describe my travels around North America, Belize, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.  As a result, this eclectic website, which is chock full of captivating nonsense, fascinating drivel, and humorous blather, now has 542 pages.  And best of all:  No ads!

      I hope you enjoy DelsJourney, one of the "granddaddies" of all travel websites! 


My website's three most visited pages last year were:


The Battle of the Coral Sea


Schuyler, Virginia:  The Real Walton's Mountain


The Best and Worst Places in America


      I recently joined an engineering firm as a GIS project manager (that's "GIS" as in computer mapping) and am working remotely from my home in Portland, Oregon.  I have more adventures planned though, so stay tuned!


Above:  That's me in 2001 in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  This is where my ancestors from England first landed in America, in 1634.  Hover your mouse over it to see a 2016 photo.



      After posting over 500 pages on DelsJourney, I wrote my final entry in 2016.  For the previous three years I had lived in Qatar, a small country in the Middle East, where I did computer mapping work.  I moved back to the U.S. in March 2016 and took an eight-month road trip around America.

      I love mapping, so the theme of my 2016 road trip around America was  "Extreme Geography."  During my 32,235-mile trip, I became the first person to visit all 16 extreme geographic compass points of the contiguous United States. 

     I created a new travel website,, to describe my travels.  So if you'd like to read about my recent adventures, please check it out.


Web Pages:  542

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Page Visits:  Over 6 million (since 2001)

Chuckles:  Countless

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Two roads diverged in the wood, and I I took the one less traveled by.  And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost


A change would do you good.

Sheryl Crow


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