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The Wonderful City of Knoxville 

(Reprint from News: July 14, 2001)

July 10, 2001


After spending the previous week dealing with sweltering heat and huge crowds in the Smoky Mountains area, I was getting pretty drained, both physically and emotionally.  Fortunately, northeastern Tennessee came to my rescue.  I had spent the past 10 days traveling all across Tennessee, but after I got to northeastern Tennessee, I quickly decided that this area, with its lush, rolling hills dotted with picturesque small towns, was absolutely the best part of the state. 


Although I'm not a real "city person," I enjoy visiting cities during my travels and I wanted to check out nearby Knoxville, because I'd never been there before and knew absolutely nothing about it.  I left the campground near Sevierville and drove into Knoxville on a foggy Tuesday morning thinking that I'd stay only a few minutes, but the sun soon emerged and the town was so interesting that I spent about three hours there.  As I learned, Knoxville is, among other things, the home of the University of Tennessee, which is spread over a large campus on the banks of the Tennessee River right near downtown, and I spent some time touring the campus.


If you've been following this website, you also know that Knoxville is the hometown of Survivor winner and fellow Doritos-lover, Tina Wesson.  I didn't see Tina but I ate some Doritos in her honor, and I really enjoyed visiting her city.  If I ever moved to Tennessee, Knoxville would definitely be the place.



Above left:  After traveling through some not-so-great cities in the South, I visited three great cities in one day:  Knoxville, Greeneville, and Jonesboro, all in eastern Tennessee.  Knoxville sits on the Tennessee River and is the home of the University of Tennessee.

Above center:  Knoxville is a pleasant blend of the old and the new.  It's a real gem.

Above right:  Street scene in Knoxville.



Above left:  Knoxville reminded me of Portland, Oregon.  Both cities are on a large river with lots of interesting architecture and with sculptures scattered about.

Above center:  Hank Williams, one of the founders of country music, died here at the Andrew Johnson Hotel in Knoxville on New Year's Eve, 1952.  He was only 29 and died of an overdose.  Hank, of course, was the father of Hank Jr., the guy who sings "Are you ready for some football?" on Monday nights in the fall.

Above right:  Here's Hank Sr. (with guitar) with his wife, daughter, and son, Hank Williams, Jr. in happier times.


Through the miracle of modern technology, here's Hank Williams Sr. singing with his son, who was only a little boy when his father died.  This is There's A Tear In My Beer.

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