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Here are links to some useful travel websites. 



Flights and Travel Information

Travelocity  Get travel information, check flights, and make reservations.

Expedia  Another handy travel website.

Air New Zealand   Qantas and Air New Zealand are the two main airlines that fly between the U.S. and Down Under.  I like Air New Zealand because they allow free stopovers on the way there.


Tips on Traveling

RickSteves  Rick knows Europe better than anyone else.  He's written some great books about traveling through Europe and has a terrific series on PBS called "Europe Through the Back Door."  He shows you how to get more out of your visit to Europe while spending less money.

CSTN  Connecting Solo Travelers Network is an organization devoted to solo travelers.  There's a bi-monthly newsletter with travel tips and travel companion ads, plus a whole lot more.

BootsnAll  A great website for world travelers with lots of traveler forums and travelogues, plus great commentary.



Country Discoveries Magazine  An interesting bi-monthly magazine that focuses on backroads travel.


Other Interesting Travel Sites

RoadTripAmerica.com  Stories about interesting travel websites and a forum for travel advice

RoadFood  A listing of the best eateries along the highways and backroads of America.

American Profile  Celebrating small-town life in America.

Roadside America  This site includes interesting stories about Americana.