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Funny Photos in the U.S.




Above left:  Paul Bunyan and his hot Babe.

Above center:  The (really) long and winding road...

Above right:  A retired gas pump in Cannonville, Utah. 



Above left:  A small river in southern Utah that feedsinto the Colorado River.  It was named in 1869 by the Powell Expedition,the firstgroup to travel down the Colorado, because of its sulfuroussmell.  It's hard to smell today because those dirty devils at the Bureauof Reclamation dammed up the Colorado River.  

Above center:  A motel in west Texas that admittedly isn't the Hilton.  

Above right: Well, at least they're honest. 



Above left:  Don't bring any soap to this nursery near Richmond, Virginia.

Above center:    How come I never meet women like this?

Above right: I think this Pennsylvania town is somewhere near Two-in-Bush.



Above left:  A rude town in western Massachusetts.

Above center:  I think I know why people go here.

Above right: The bathroom humor continues with a sign in a Harvard Square shop... for those sophisticated Harvardstudents, I guess.


Above left:  Here's my town, near Syracuse.  Whoville (and theGrinch) are nearby.

Above center:  Doc drives a Cadillac. 

Above right: Apparently, you can get an anchovy pizza at this bank in St. Peter, Minnesota.



Above left:  "Buttered Corn Day" is the annual highlight of thisMinnesota town.  But it's August 16-19, so shouldn't it be Buttered CornDAYS?

Above center:  What about the other eye?

Above right:  Laura Ingalls Wilder lived a few blocks from this bar inDe Smet, South Dakota.  But I don't think she ever downed a cold one here. 



Above left:  There's actually an International Vinegar Festival.  Not only can you hear Pastor Wilson singing"his hits" (as only the Pastor can sing them) and see Mike Dunn's famousrope demonstration, but you can also hear "the Polish singer," Tony Wika. Yes folks, onlyin the Midwest...

Above center:  Personally, I lust after Toyotas.

Above right:  What exactly are they doing in their cars here? Hopefully not lusting.



Above left:  A place to clean my fish -- that's what I look for in a motel.   

Above center:  Well, duh.   

Above right:  This is where I want to live.



Above left:  King Kong lives! (and in Bismarck, North Dakota). 

Above center:  An appropriate sign for late October in Montana.

Above right:  My brother's cat, Precious, at the dishwasher -- getting her last licks in.  


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