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Funny Photos from Australia


2-2140_Hungry_Jacks.jpg (47820 bytes)    2-2212_Cosy_Kangaroo.jpg (37794 bytes)    0072_-_Me_Outside.JPG (59732 bytes)

Above left:  I think they misspelled this sign in Wagga Wagga.  Shouldn't it be "Burger King"?

Above center:  A marsupial restaurant in Bright.

Above right:  Dumb American tourists shouldn't be allowed to dress up as miners.


2-2321_Dellys_Dell.jpg (72088 bytes)    2-2416_Larry_the_Lobster_Kingston_SE.jpg (29591 bytes)    2-2464_Living_Statue.jpg (45952 bytes)

Above left:  Well... I thought this sign was funny.

Above center:  Larry the Lobster is Australia's largest crustacean.

Above right:  This dude in Adelaide needs to get outside more often.


2-2471_Aerial_Band.jpg (58203 bytes)    2-2298_Killer_Roo.jpg (48914 bytes)    2-2523_Mileage_Sign.jpg (46054 bytes)

Above left:  Quite possibly the world's only aerial rock band.

Above center:  Skippy looking for a handout in the Grampians.

Above right:  It's a long way to Tipperary... and to Alice Springs.


2-2551_Glendambo_Sign.jpg (56735 bytes)    2-2667_Golf_Course.jpg (35677 bytes)    2-2599_Where_Car_Ran_Into_Roadhouse.jpg (33076 bytes)

Above left:  Two million bush flies in Glendambo?  Nah, I think maybe three million.

Above center:  Remember to replace your divots on this Coober Pedy golf course.

Above right:  I took this picture moments after a woman rammed her truck through the wall of the Oodnadatta Pink Roadhouse.  Your basic lunchtime entertainment in the Outback...


2-2622_Golf_Course.jpg (35752 bytes)    2-2711_Camry_on_Stuart_Hwy.jpg (30557 bytes)    2-2729_Kulgera_Roadhouse.jpg (54985 bytes)

Above left:  It costs only $5 to play nine holes of golf at William Creek.  Proper attire required, of course.

Above center:  Taking a break for breakfast on the Stuart Highway (note no driver).

Above right:  This can of beer should get you across the Outback... or at least to Alice Springs..


2-2799_Kangaroo_Sign.jpg (35719 bytes)    2-2916_Waldo.jpg (43184 bytes)    2-2925_No_Fuel_Sign.jpg (45875 bytes)

Above left:  Hoppy New Year, from Ayers Rock.

Above center:  Waldo was my back-seat driver across the Outback.

Above right:  Just 260 km until the next petrol station?  Umm... that's like 160 miles, mate!


2-2987_Arnos_Wall.jpg (62698 bytes)    2-3009_One_Lane_Hwy.jpg (29242 bytes)    2-3012_Bite_Me.jpg (36771 bytes)

Above left:  Arno's Wall in Winton has everything -- including the kitchen sink.

Above center:  Your typical outback super-freeway.  Gee, I hope I don't meet any road trains...

Above right:  A restaurant with attitude.


2-3219_Playing_Didge.jpg (56796 bytes)    2-3142_Giant_Mango.jpg (41880 bytes)    2-3279_Steve_Irwin_With_Croc.jpg (53524 bytes)

Above left:  Some tourists shouldn't be allowed to play a didgeridoo.  Or in my case, a didgeridon't.

Above center:  Quite possibly the world's largest mango.

Above right:  Crikey, mate, it's that Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin!


2-3295_Steve_Irwin_Dolls.jpg (47730 bytes)    2-3322_Evans_Head_Sign.jpg (58834 bytes)

Above left:  Oh my gosh.  It's Steve and Terri... and they're multiplying!

Above center:  My nephew Evan would get a kick out of this sign.  "All roads lead to Evan's Head."


2-3351_Horse_Poo_Sign.jpg (52772 bytes)    2-3325_Vegemite.jpg (33013 bytes)

Above left:  Only 2 bucks for a bag of "horse poo."  Such a deal!

Above right:  Kids, don't try this at home.


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