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Funny Photos from the Cook Islands & New Zealand




Above left:  Tai's Weather Rock on Muri Beach is used to predict the weather in the Cook Islands.  As it says, if the rock is wet then it's raining.  Thanks for the help, Tai.

Above center:  Which child?

Above right:  As it says, "Please do not used the plate for your mosquitoe coil and feeding the cat.  Please don't."  After reading this sign in my motel room on Aitutaki, I decided not to eat off the dinner plates. 


        1-9593_Cod_Piece.jpg (33120 bytes)

Above left:  On a cruise boat in Aitutaki after another hard day.

Above center:  How do Kiwis REALLY feel about Aussies?

Above right:  The "Cod Piece" was my favorite restaurant in Auckland... really!


1-9635_L_and_P_Soda.jpg (32161 bytes)    1-9680_Kiwi_Display.jpg (41613 bytes)    1-9738_Emu_Tiling_Sign.jpg (37385 bytes)

Above left:  The world's largest bottle of soda pop? 

Above center:  And probably the largest slice of Kiwifruit in the world.

Above right:  New Zealanders use emus in many ways.


2-0602_Rat_and_Roach_Bar_and_Grill.jpg (41620 bytes)    2-0783_Penguin_Crossing_Sign.jpg (40697 bytes)    2-0942_Santa_and_Jim_Beam.jpg (56829 bytes)

Above left:  I think the owner needs some marketing advice.

Above center:  A flat penguin is not a pretty sight.

Above right:  Santa celebrating Christmas with Jim Beam in Oamaru.


2-1186_Slanted_House.jpg (41602 bytes)    2-1296_Drunken_Sailor.jpg (28793 bytes)    2-1310_Surfer_Sculpture.jpg (35490 bytes)

Above left:  Folks living on Baldwin Street in Dunedin have a unique "slant" on the world.

Above center:  The southernmost bar in New Zealand.

Above right:  Surfer dude near Invercargill.


2-1340_Sausage_Sign.jpg (48980 bytes)    2-1549_Cromwell_Fruit.jpg (38853 bytes)    2-1578_At_The_Big_Jersey.jpg (37219 bytes)

Above left:  The sausage capital?  This is my kind of place!

Above center:  Genetically engineered fruit in Cromwell.

Above right:  A genetically-engineered sweater in Geraldine.


2-1729_Roaring_Swine_Creek_Sign.jpg (48501 bytes)    2-1768_Bridge.jpg (52753 bytes)    2-1852_Superloo_in_Nelson.jpg (27682 bytes)

Above left:  I'm sure there's an interesting story here.

Above center:  Tight fit on the bridge.

Above right:  Since my last name is Leu, I got a kick out out this "Superloo" in Nelson.


2-1797_Wool_Building_Hoki.jpg (34011 bytes)

Left:  Most likely the world's largest sheep.


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