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More Photos of the Webster,

South Dakota Area




This page isn't finished yet -- I'm still working on it.  These are more photos of the Webster, South Dakota area, where my great-great-grandparents, Ole and Birgit Svang, homesteaded a quarter-section of land back in the late 1800s.  I've also included a map of their homestead and of the Bergen Church.


Bristol was the town closest to Ole's homestead.  Interestingly, it's also the home town of NBC announcer Tom Brokaw, who was born in 1940.  Tom spent his first few years in Bristol, then he and his folks moved to Webster.


Pierpont is a small farming town where Ole Svang lived in the early 1900s after he lost his homestead through foreclosure.


The Bergen Church was where Ole's son (my great-grandfather) Nels Svang married Anna Abrahamson in the 1890s.


I've posted this page primarily for relatives of Ole and Birgit who have never been to the Webster area, to give them a better idea of what the area is like.






Webster, South Dakota

1-6023_Downtown_Webster.jpg (74038 bytes)    1-6025_Webster_SD.jpg (79274 bytes)    1-6028_Mural_in_Webster.jpg (76470 bytes)


1-6033_Mural.jpg (79055 bytes)    1-6038_Where_I_Spent_3_Days.jpg (104427 bytes)    1-6297_Old_Day_Co_Courthouse.jpg (89471 bytes)


 1-6299_Old_Cornerstone.jpg (122448 bytes)    1-6301_Webster.jpg (84108 bytes)   1-6302_Webster_Water_Tower.jpg (85592 bytes)


Bristol, South Dakota

1-6042_Bristol_Downtown.jpg (61751 bytes)    1-6044_1907_Year_Ole_Died.jpg (74854 bytes)    1-6051_Train_Underpass.jpg (93549 bytes)


1-6040_Bristol_Sign.jpg (114315 bytes)



Pierpont, South Dakota

1-6060_Pierpont_Where_Ole_Died_in_1907.jpg (83995 bytes)    1-6064_Welcome_to_Pierpont_Sign.jpg (118327 bytes)    1-6069_Pierpont_Downtown.jpg (60423 bytes)


1-6070_Downtown_Pierpont.jpg (74707 bytes)    1-6074_Standard_Sign_in_Pierpont.jpg (85806 bytes)    1-6075_Downtown_Pierpont.jpg (75145 bytes)



Bergen Church:  Outside

1-6124_Bergen_Church_Front.jpg (139668 bytes)    1-6083_Bergen_Church.jpg (162832 bytes)    1-6213_Bergen_Sign.jpg (90725 bytes) 


1-6082_Bergen_Church.jpg (96768 bytes)    1-6114_Bergen_Sign.jpg (84660 bytes)    1-6119_Bergen_Church_and_Sigestads_Farm.jpg (121158 bytes)


1-6201_Bergen_Church.jpg (87512 bytes)    1-6205_Bergen_Church.jpg (79421 bytes)    1-6088_Bergen_Church.jpg (71450 bytes)


1-6113_Bergen_Church_Front.jpg (116064 bytes)    1-6111_Bergen_Church.jpg (82052 bytes)    1-6116_Bergen_Church.jpg (121664 bytes)


1-6086_Bergen_Church_Built_in_1892.jpg (107688 bytes)    1-6231_Bergen_Cemetery.jpg (136063 bytes)


1-6089_Ole_and_Birgets_Gravestone_Bergen_Cemetery.jpg (119810 bytes)    1-6106_Bergen_Cemetery.jpg (125647 bytes)    1-6208_Svang_Gravestone.jpg (118533 bytes)


1-6095_Svang_Gravestone.jpg (96536 bytes)    1-6100_Norwegian_Inscription.jpg (119345 bytes)    1-6207_Birgit_Svang_Gravestone.jpg (78966 bytes)


1-6209_Ole_Inscription.jpg (93041 bytes)   



Bergen Church:  Inside

1-6230_Entrance_to_Bergen_Church.jpg (88928 bytes)    1-6221_Where_Nels_and_Anna_Got_Married_1896.jpg (83808 bytes)    1-6229_Inside_Bergen_Church.jpg (90404 bytes)  


1-6222_Inside_Bergen_Church.jpg (86457 bytes)    1-6223_Inside_Bergen_Church.jpg (97675 bytes)    1-6224_Inside_Bergen_Church.jpg (86942 bytes)


1-6225_Inside_Bergen_Church.jpg (69936 bytes)    1-6226_Bergen_Church_Pews.jpg (89766 bytes)    1-6227_Inside_Bergen_Church.jpg (85081 bytes)


1-6220_Downstairs_Bergen_Church.jpg (93509 bytes)    1-6214_Bergen_Plate_Downstairs.jpg (88942 bytes)



Ole and Birgit Svang's Homestead

1-6128_Road_Closed_Sign.jpg (108879 bytes)    1-6131_Harvesting_Wheat.jpg (76886 bytes)    1-6140_Truck_at_Homestead.jpg (103803 bytes)


1-6145_Oles_Homestead_Looking_South.jpg (97537 bytes)    1-6147_From_Oles_Homestead_Looking_North.jpg (70705 bytes)    1-6151_Camping_on_Oles_Land.jpg (104095 bytes)


1-6152_Next_Morning_Looking_West.jpg (88872 bytes)    1-6156_Oles_Land_Looking_North.jpg (91098 bytes)    1-6158_Looking_South.jpg (104700 bytes)


1-6160_Truck_at_Homestead.jpg (86809 bytes)    1-6172_Ole_Svangs_Road.jpg (81862 bytes)    1-6179_Oles_Land.jpg (87482 bytes)


1-6178_Lynn_Lake.jpg (68868 bytes)    1-6183_Me_on_Oles_Land.jpg (80565 bytes)