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The Waltons

Earl Hamner's Acting Debut



From Episode #26: "The Journey"  (Second Season)

John and Olivia seemed to have an endless supply of colorful neighbors, most of whom popped up in one episode and then disappeared forever.


In this episode, the Walton's elderly widowed neighbor, Maggie McKenzie, yearned to return to Virginia Beach on her anniversary.  Maggie (actress Linda Watkins) had a thick Irish accent, as you may recall, and wanted to see the ocean once more before she died, having emigrated to the U.S. many years earlier.  She asks John-Boy to drive her to Virginia Beach, which puts him in a bind because poor John-Boy had already asked that fickle Marcia Woolery to a dance.  Now guys, admit it, weren't you smitten by a Marcia Woolery when you were in high school?  I know I was, except her name was... well, never mind.


After much soul-searching, John-Boy caves in to his nobler instincts and drives Maggie down to Virginia Beach, instead of taking Marcia to the dance.  Marcia, of course, is not pleased.  Anyway, while John-Boy and Maggie are eating in the same restaurant where Maggie ate during her honeymoon many years earlier, John-Boy asks Maggie to dance with him.  As they're dancing to a waltz, Maggie reminisces and starts to see her husband in John-Boy's place, a man who is played by none other than Waltons creator, Earl Hamner.  This was the first and only time that Earl appeared in the series, or in any series.  Earl didn't say anything, but he danced great.


This was a memorable episode and was even nominated for an Emmy.  And I'm sure if it had won, Earl would've really danced a jig.


Trivia questions for this episode (answers below):

1).  What special clothing does John-Boy buy from Ike Godsey, and then later return?

2).  What Tennyson poem do John-Boy and Grandpa recite as they charge into the house?

3).  What's the name of the restaurant where John-Boy and Maggie eat in Virginia Beach?



Above left:  The ever-fickle Marcia Woolery.  Now guys, would you rather go on a hot date with this woman or drive an old lady to Virginia Beach?

Above center:  Well, John-Boy chose the latter, and here he is dancing with Maggie on her anniversary.  By the way, she died shortly after getting back to Walton's Mountain.  Maybe she shouldn't have ordered the clams.

Above right:  Earl Hamner in his acting debut.


Answers:  1).  Wool pants.  2). "The Charge of the Light Brigade."  3). The Mermaid.



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