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The Waltons

That Beguiling Darlene Carr



From Episode #68: The Beguiled  (Third Season)

When John-Boy Walton entered Boatwright University in the third season, he instantly became a babe magnet.  It seems like he met a beautiful young woman in almost every episode during his freshman year at Boatwright (fictional "Boatwright" was, in real life, the University of Richmond, which Walton's creator Earl Hamner attended starting in 1940 -- although I don't know if Earl shared John-Boy's ability to attract luscious coeds).  Yeah, it was a tough job, but I'm sure Richard Thomas didn't complain.


In episode #68, The Beguiled, Darlene Carr stars as a Boatwright University student who becomes John-Boy's beautiful-but-conniving temptress, wrapping the blissfully-ignorant John-Boy around her finger -- and then secretly taking his chemistry notebook.  John-Boy finally wakes up, though, and gives her the heave-ho.  


Interestingly, Darlene was the younger sister of actress Charmian Carr, the "When-you're-16-going-on-17" Liesl von Trapp, in the 1964 movie The Sound of Music, an actress who made an impression on every American male in the 1960s and quite possibly the source of the phrase, "Please don't squeeze the Charmian."  Darlene Carr made her own impressions and is perhaps best known for her work in the early 1970ís TV series The Streets of San Francisco, in which, as Jeannie Stone, she played police detective Karl Maldenís daughter.  Michael Douglas co-starred in this series and, as I recall, had a romantic interest in Jeannie.  Of course, any guy who ever saw Darlene Carr had a romantic interest in her including me, and I was only 14 then.


In 1971, a year before The Waltons was created, Darlene Carr had co-starred in a film that was also called, ironically, The Beguiled.  The movie starred Clint Eastwood as an injured Union soldier in the Civil War who was nursed back to health by several pretty young women in a Confederate seminary who were each attracted to him, and who each conspired against the others to win Clint's favors -- altogether a rather dark and creepy film.  Thus, Darlene Carr is, I'm sure, the only actress to ever star in two completely separate productions called The Beguiled.  Jeez, talk about being type-cast!


Darlene's name in this Waltons episode was Sis Bradford, possibly a nod to being Charmian's "Sis."  And speaking of Bradfords, two years later, in 1976, another co-star in this same episode, Willie Aames, starred as Tommy Bradford in the television series, Eight is Enough, with Dick van Patten.  Whoa... there are enough coincidences in this episode to make your head spin.  But then Darlene made everyone's head spin.



Trivia questions for this episode (answers below):

1).  How do John-Boy and Sis Bradford meet?

2).  What irritating talent does Jim-Bob's friend, Danny (Willie Aames) have?

3).  Jim-Bob gets caught shoplifting by Ike Godsey.  What did he take?




Above left:  Shortly after John-Boy meets Sis, she begins spinning her web.

Above center:  Here's Darlene's sister, Charmian, going on 17... or maybe 22.  Please don't squeeze her.

Above right:  Darlene in her Carr.  Near the end of the episode, John-Boy gives Sis the brush off.  Serves her right, huh?


Answers:  1).  Their cars nearly collide.  2). He practices sleight-of-hand.  3). An onion.  Yes, an onion.



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