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The Waltons

The Rockfish Post Office


On my Visit to Schuyler, Virginia webpage, I described my visit to the Rockfish Post Office in 2001.  Eight years later, I received a nice e-mail from the owner and caretaker of the Rockfish Post Office.  Read on:



I loved your original story about the Rockfish Post Office in Virginia.  I guess I'm kind of biased because I've owned it since 2001.  The big dog was "Bear" and I think he belonged to a neighbor, but stayed in the cool dirt below the Post Office.  He slept most of the day except when someone woke him up.  He even got mad at me a few times for startling him.  I learned to warn him before working around the site.  He was known to me as the "Mayor of Rockfish" by the original owners.  He died some time in 2002 and was replaced by a female that was much smaller and better looking.  Her name is Princess and she is a chow hound.  Feed her, and she might jump into your vehicle on the way out.  She barks a lot, but only will bite trying to get the food out of your hand.
You need to revisit as we have painted the PO white with green trim, replaced the rough hewn porch with more hard wood, and added solar energy, weather station, and web cam overlooking the train tracks and trestle. (
http://www.wunderground.com/webcams/nobyter/2/show.html ) This summer I plan on painting or replacing the metal roof and re-pointing the chimney.  I also need to repaint the shutters and reattach them.  I'm glad that you and your readers like the place as I realize that it really belongs to us all. 
Here's a story.  Probably back in 2003 I decided to go up to the Post Office to do a little maintenance.  I opened the door and saw the ladybugs had arrived.  The floor was completely covered.  I started sweeping the place out and about the time I finished, there was a line of people at the door.  I asked what they needed and they asked if I was open and what was I selling.  I told them all I had was ladybugs, but they really weren't that tasty.   I found out that this was one of the "reunion" weekends and that all of these were on their way to visit the museum.  They saw the door open and stopped.  There was around 7 cars on that small plot of land!  Guess you know what I'm going to do when I retire!
Thanks again,
Kevin Rose




Above left:  The Rockfish Post Office, sans dogs.  (1200x800)

Above right:  Who let the dogs out?  (Woof, woof!) (1200x800)



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