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The Waltons

Second Season Introduction





The introduction used during the second season of The Waltons was almost identical to the first season introduction, with the following differences:

  • The second season's introduction was exactly 30 seconds shorter, running only 57 seconds compared to 1 minute, 27 seconds.  Gee, maybe that's so they could fit in another 30-second advertisement... ya think?

  • The first scene, of a mountain (supposedly "Walton's Mountain"?), was eliminated.

  • They cut out the part with all the kids helping their father carry the radio up to the house.

  • Instead of the group scene on the porch fading to a painting (which I thought was pretty cool), they just froze the porch scene and overlaid the Earl Hamner and Robert Jacks credits.

Yeah, it wasn't quite as good as the first season's introduction, but it was still enjoyable.


Here's The Waltons theme song during the second season

(57 seconds).

Requires a RealPlayerIf problems, see Help.



Above left:  Scene #1: Fades in to "The Waltons" title, music begins.  (0:01 seconds)

Above center:  Scene #1: Zooms in to John-Boy's window (left), dissolves to John-Boy writing.  (0:07)

Above right:  Scene #2: John-Boy writes, pauses (Richard Thomas credit), writes, then hears truck's horn.  (0:09)



Above left:  Scene #3: Truck approaches and honks horn, Ben and Erin are on teeter-totter.  (0:15)

Above center:  Scene #4: John-Boy smiles, gets up, and runs to door.  (0:17)

Above right:  Scene #5: John drives up with radio, stops truck.  Erin, Ben and Reckless run behind truck.  (0:20)



Above left:  Scene #6: Olivia emerges from house.  (0:25)

Above center:  Scene #7: John gets out of truck, nods to Olivia (Ralph Waite credit).  (0:27)

Above right:  Scene #8: Olivia crosses her arms and smiles (Michael Learned credit).  (0:31)



Above left:  Scene #9: Grandma get up and takes off glasses.  (0:35)

Above center:  Scene #9: Grandma smiles (Ellen Corby credit).  (0:39)

Above right:  Scene #10: Grandpa walks to tire and smiles (Will Geer credit).  (0:40)



Above left:  Scene #11: Elizabeth runs to porch, John-Boy lifts her up.  (0:43)

Above center:  Scene #11: Elizabeth turns knob on radio.  (0:48)

Above right:  Scene #11: Family laughs (freeze frame).  (0:50)



Above left:  Scene #11: Earl Hamner credit.  (0:52)

Above right:  Scene #11: Robert Jacks credit and fade out.  (0:54)



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