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The Waltons

First Season Introduction





The first season's introduction of The Waltons was definitely the best ever used on the show.  It begins with a view of the mountains accompanied by the beginning of The Waltons theme music, played by a zither and a guitar, two "folksy" instruments to get you into the mood.  The view dissolves to a shot of the Walton's house with the superimposed title, "The Waltons," accompanied by the sound of a solo trumpet.  As the trumpet music continues, the camera zooms into a John-Boy's window, then dissolves to a view of John-Boy writing at his desk.  As he writes, he hears a truck's horn and we see his father, John Walton, Sr., driving towards the house.  John-Boy smiles and puts down his pen, then rushes to his door.


Here's The Waltons theme song during the first season. 

(1 minute, 27 seconds).

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As John stops the truck, Olivia emerges from the house, then John gets out of the truck and nods to her.  Grandma, who had been sitting on the porch, gets up and takes off her glasses, then smiles when she sees her son, John.  Grandpa, who was working in the sawmill, walks towards John, stops and smiles, then hurries to the truck. 


John walks around the front of the truck to the passenger door and taps Erin, who is eagerly leaning inside the passenger-side window, looking at the new radio.  John opens the passenger door, and just as he lifts out the radio, his children and Grandpa join him.  They all walk excitedly to the porch with John carrying the radio.  


The camera then cuts to Elizabeth, who runs up to the porch from the left.  John-Boy lifts up Elizabeth, who turns a knob on the radio, then the family all laughs.  The image is frozen, then dissolves to a family painting of this same scene.  As the camera pulls back, we see a framed painting of this image that hangs on a wall, then the scene fades out.



Above left:  Scene #1: Fades in to "Walton's Mountain," music begins, camera pans left. (0:01)

Above center:  Scene #2: Dissolves to house, title fades in, trumpet music begins. (0:14)

Above right:  Scene #2: Zooms in to John-Boy's window (left), dissolves to John-Boy writing. (0:21)



Above left:  Scene #3: John-Boy writes, pauses (Richard Thomas credit), writes, then hears truck's horn. (0:27)

Above center:  Scene #4: Truck approaches and honks horn, Ben and Erin are on teeter-totter. (0:30)

Above right:  Scene #5: John-Boy smiles, gets up, runs to door. (0:32)



Above left:  Scene #6: John drives up with radio, stops truck.  Erin, Ben and Reckless run behind truck.

Above center:  Scene #7: Olivia emerges from house.  (0:39)

Above right:  Scene #8: John gets out of truck, nods to Olivia (Ralph Waite credit).  (0:43)



Above left:  Scene #9: Olivia crosses her arms and smiles (Michael Learned credit).  (0:47)

Above center:  Scene #10: Grandma get up and takes off glasses.  (0:50)

Above right:  Scene #10: Grandma smiles (Ellen Corby credit).  (0:52)



Above left:  Scene #11: Grandpa walks to tire and smiles (Will Geer credit), walks to truck.  (0:56)

Above center:  Scene #12: John walks around front of truck, taps Erin, opens door.  (1:02)

Above right:  Scene #13: Olivia and Grandma smile from porch.  (1:04)



Above left:  Scene #14: Kids gather by truck, John takes radio out of truck and walks to porch.  (1:06)

Above center:  Scene #14: John walks with Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, Grandpa, Jason, and Jim-Bob.  (1:07)

Above right:  Scene #15: Elizabeth runs to porch, John-Boy lifts her up.  (1:12)



Above left:  Scene #15: Elizabeth turns knob on radio.  (1:16)

Above center:  Scene #15: Family laughs (freeze frame).  (1:18)

Above right:  Scene #16: Dissolves to family painting, zooms out to show frame. (1:19)



Above left:  Scene #16: Earl Hamner credit.  (1:21)

Above right:  Scene #17: Robert Jacks credit, fade out. (1:24)