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After living in the Middle East for the past three years, I moved back to the U.S. in 2016 and in May, I began another long road trip around North America.  I'll be traveling for about 8 months and plan to visit 48 states (sorry Alaska & Hawaii).  And so, after working in the Middle East and saving up money for the past several years, I've finally begun traveling and posting stories again! 

However, I'm posting the stories on my new travel website:  www.ExtremeGeographer.com.  During my road trip, I'll be visiting dozens of extreme geographic locations around the U.S., like the westernmost point, the highest city, the lowest point, and the deepest lake.  Oh also, the lowest point in the highest state (in eastern Colorado) and the highest point in the lowest state (in northern Delaware) -- lots of crazy places like that.

Why do I have two websites?  To create my massive DelsJourney site back in 2001, I used web software called FrontPage -- but FrontPage has become obsolete.  For my new website, www.ExtremeGeographer.com, I'm using newer and better web software called Joomla.  One of these days, I'll convert the entire DelsJourney website to Joomla but for now, I've created two separate websites.  Sorry for the confusion.

But don't worry -- I'll keep my DelsJourney.com site up for years to come, to describe my travels from 2001-2012.  But to read about my new adventures, please check out ExtremeGeographer.com.


Del Leu

The Extreme Geographer


My Dad and Lila - Bellingham, Washington (April 2001) My Dad and my sister Doti - Bellingham, Washington (April 2001) Moving day - Bellingham, Washington (June 2001) Vista point on California Highway 1 - near Lucia, California (June 2001) One of my oldest friends, Troy, and his family - San Diego, California (June 2001) Interstate 15 sign - Mojave Desert, California (June 2001) My Truck on the Burr Trail - Capitol Reef, Utah (June 2001) Highway 95 and Lake Powell - southern Utah (June 2001) My old friends Joan, Ace and Julie and their new grill - Austin, Texas (June 2001) Egret wading in Calcasieu bayou - southern Louisiana (June 2001) Tour guide at the Biedenharn Candy Store, where Coca-Cola was first bottled - Vicksburg, Mississippi (June 2001) My great-great-great-grandfather, Ransom Myers, a one-armed Civil War veteran Tommie Lee, my Civil War tour guide - Corinth, Mississippi (June 2001) Storm at Cades Cove - Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee (July 2001) Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home - near Charlottesville, Virginia (July 2001) The real Walton's house (childhood home of "The Waltons" creator, Earl Hamner Jr.) - Schuyler, Virginia (July 2001) My old friend, Julie, at a street fair - Boston, Massachusetts (July 2001) Where my ancestors from England landed in 1634 - Ipswich, Massachusetts (July 2001) My brother Don and his wife Debbie - Manlius, New York (August 2001) Sunset on Interstate 90 - southern Wisconsin (August 2001) My old friend Mark and his wife Jayne - Minneapolis, Minnesota (August 2001) Gravestone of my great-great-grandparents, Ole and Birgit Svang - near Pierpont, South Dakota (August 2001) The Vinegar Man, Dr. Lawrence Diggs, at his International Vinegar Museum - Roslyn, South Dakota (August 2001) Charging cavalry - Fort Lincoln State Park, North Dakota (September 2001) My grandmother Helga on her farm, holding my mother - near Regan, North Dakota (1926) Hester Bailey, my grandmother's kindergarten pupil - Wing, North Dakota (October 2001) Hester Bailey, my grandmother's kindergarten pupil (see previous photo) - near Regan, North Dakota (1921) My truck on Highway 3 - near Fessenden, North Dakota (October 2001) My Mom and Dad ice skating - near Dickinson, North Dakota (1943) My plane ticket to Australia - Bellingham, Washington (December 2001) Arriving at 5 a.m. - Rarotonga, Cook Islands (December 2001) School kids - Aitutaki, Cook Islands (December 2001) A lagoon cruise - Aitutaki, Cook Islands (December 2001) Rapota motu - Aitutaki, Cook Islands (December 2001) Hiking on volcanic White Island - Bay of Plenty, New Zealand (December 2001) Poppies - Near Blenheim, New Zealand (December 2001) Girls playing cricket - Christchurch, New Zealand (January 2002) Drydock, Lyttleton harbor - near Christchurch, New Zealand (January 2002) Columns - Oamaru, New Zealand (January 2002) Hitchhikers - Milford Sound, New Zealand (January 2002) Mt. Cook and Lake Pukaki - Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand (January 2002) Fern - near Wanaka, New Zealand (January 2002) A self-portrait - Haast, New Zealand (January 2002) Highway 6 - New Zealand's west coast (January 2002) New Zealand's westernmost point - Cape Maria van Diemen, New Zealand (February 2002) Signpost at New Zealand's northernmost point - Cape Reinga, New Zealand (February 2002) Australian Parliament building - Canberra, Australia (February 2002) 1890 train station - Marysborough, Australia (February 2002) A pushy kangaroo - Grampians National Park, Australia (February 2002) The 12 Apostles - near Port Campbell, Australia (February 2002) Jeff, a cheerful Aussie hitchhiker - Flinders Ranges National Park, Australia (March 2002) Mileage sign at the beginning of the Stuart Highway - Port Augusta, Australia (March 2002) Road train - Marla roadhouse, Australia (March 2002) Kangaroo sign - Ayers Rock, Australia (March 2002) Crocodile Dundee's Walkabout Creek Hotel - McKinlay, Australia (March 2002) A one-lane highway in the Outback - near Winton, Australia (March 2002) Four-mile Beach - Port Douglas, Australia (March 2002) Vegemite - Port Douglas, Australia (March 2002) Updating my website - Brisbane, Australia (March 2002) Saltwater crocodile at the Crocodile Hunter's Zoo - near Brisbane, Australia (March 2002) My new Aussie friends, Peter and Helen - near Newcastle, Australia (April 2002) The Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia (April 2002) A frisky elk - Olympic National Park, Washington (June 2002) The Port Orford marina - Port Orford, Oregon (June 2002) Lassen Peak - Lassen Volcanic National Park, California (June 2002) U.S. Highway 50, The Loneliest Highway in America - central Nevada (June 2002) Ranger Del and his BLM crew - Lake City, Colorado (1987) The Hawaiian Chieftain - near Anacortes, Washington (July 2002) My father, Donald J. Leu - Bellingham, Washington (1999) My uncle, Bill Leu, U.S. Navy - Washington (1941) My first road trip - A long time ago My office, up there somewhere - Seattle (May 2005) Ecola State Park - Oregon (March 2007) My dear old friend, Carole - Oregon (July 2007) Working on the San Antonio school - Belize (January 2008) Mohammed, my computer mapping colleague in the Middle East - Abu Dhabi, UAE (July 2008) Kelsey helping me paint the school - San Antonio, Belize (January 2009) A roadside camel - near Nizwa, Oman (January 2009) My beach cottage, complete with hammock - Placencia, Belize (March 2009) St. Mary Lake - Glacier National Park, Montana (July 2009) ProBelize group building an orphanage in the mud - near San Ignacio, Belize (January 2010) U.S. speed-skater at the 2010 Winter Olympics - Vancouver, Canada (January 2010) The Columbia River Gorge - Near Portland, Oregon (June 2010)

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Greetings and welcome to DelsJourney.  I started this website in 2001 to describe my solo journeys around America, New Zealand, Australia, and beyond.  It grew a bit from there as you can tell, and I hope you enjoy it.

I recently moved back to the U.S. from Qatar, where I'd worked for the past 3 years.  In May 2016, I embarked on a new road trip around America.  I'm documenting my travels on my new website:  www.ExtremeGeographer.com.  So be sure to check it out!

During the last year, my website's three most visited pages have been:

  1.  The Best and Worst Places in America

  2.  The Battle of the Coral Sea

  3.  Schuyler: The Real Walton's Mountain


Room at the Inn

(Read the story in Latest News)

In Latest News, I'll tell you about some of my recent visits with friends.  I explored waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge with my niece Christina, went on a Goonies rampage in Astoria with my friend Mark, and in San Diego I went swimming with my friend Troy (and a few Great White Sharks). 

Also, I just posted more photos and stories of my Around the World Trip and my updates from Belize, so be sure to check them out.

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March 9, 2012:  Room at the Inn (Portland, Oregon)


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Australia (2002)

April 7, 2002  (Sydney, Australia)

April 4, 2002  (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

April 1, 2002  (Hervey Bay, Australia)

March 28, 2002  (Airlie Beach, Australia)

March 25, 2002  (Port Douglas, Australia)

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March 11, 2002  (Ayers Rock, Australia)

March 8, 2002  (Coober Pedy, Australia)

March 5, 2002  (Port Augusta, Australia)

March 1, 2002: Part 2  (Robe, Australia)

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February 2, 2002: Part 2  (Taupo, New Zealand)

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United States (2001)

December 3, 2001: Part 2  (Bellingham, Washington)

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October 18, 2001: Part 3  (Bismarck, North Dakota)

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June 20, 2001  (Canyon de Chelly, Arizona)

June 18, 2001  (Clay Canyon, Utah)

June 15, 2001: Part 2  (Zion Nat'l Park, Utah)

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June 14, 2001  (San Diego, California)

June 11, 2001  (San Jose, California)

June 2, 2001  (Bellingham, Washington)

May 19, 2001  (Hillsboro, Oregon)

April 30, 2001  (Hillsboro, Oregon)

April 19, 2001  (Bellingham, Washington)

April 5, 2001  (Bellingham, Washington)


Two roads diverged in the wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by.  And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost


A change will do you good.

Sheryl Crow


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